About Me

Hi, I'm Elliot Jackson, a half-English half-Canadian software builder based in France. I work independently, taking on iOS design and/or development projects and server-side contract work. I have a heavy preference towards strongly statically typed languages, specifically Swift and Rust, as my open source projects demonstrate.

Away from the computer, I play in the back row for my local rugby team, enjoy powerlifting, and spend an inordinate amount of time looking for the tennis balls my Springer Spaniels lose.

If you like my resume, you can hire me for your next project.

About this website

elliotekj.com has evolved a lot since I started writing here in 2013. Its format has shifted from articles, to link-posts, to micro-posts, and back to articles. Its content, once design-focused, now has a higher proportion of programming-related posts.

On the technical side, it's been powered by Jekyll, Hugo, Middleman, Gatsby, Wordpress, Tumblr, and even a brief stint as manually written HTML in the early days. It's been hosted by OVH, Lithium, GitHub Pages, Netlify, and Linode. It's been updated via git commit, Google Drive, and rsync.

As you can probably tell, this has always been a place for me to experiment with new things. Here's the current setup:

Barring a couple of posts that were originally written for the Realmac blog, elliotekj.com has always been written in my spare time. While my writing is my own, any and all code in my posts is in the public domain.