Open Source

Thea (Documentation | Source)

Thea is a from-memory website generator and server designed to get the requested resource from server to client as quickly as possible, with as little setup as possible.

Distil (Source)

Distil is a Rust library the creates colour palettes from images based on frequency of occurrence. Examples and an explanation of how it works can be found here.

DeltaE (Source)

DeltaE is a pure-Rust implementation of the CIEDE2000 algorithm which serves to quantify the difference between two colors from the perspective of the human eye.

Orbit (Source)

Orbit is a MetaWeblog API Server which allows apps like MarsEdit to interface with Hugo-based sites.

Oxi (Source)

Oxi wraps an asynchronous, performant, Actix server around Mercury Parser, providing a simple API to POST to.

iron_middlefiddle (Source)

A Rust macro for the Iron web framework, iron_middlefiddle makes route specific middleware easy.

Snooker (Source)

Snooker is a pure-Rust implementation of Jonathan Snook’s spam detection algorithm.

Archived Projects

Specify (Source)

A Sketch plugin for quickly generating a rectangle or oval with specific dimensions and positioning.

Save in Ember Chrome Extension (Source)

Built back when I worked on Ember at Realmac, this simple Chrome extension added a “Save in Ember” button next to Dribbble shots.

basket.css (Source)

My first foray into open-source, basket.css was a handy CSS file to kickstart projects with.