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Elliot Jackson

Hi, I'm Elliot Jackson.

I build software for fun and profit. Currently I freelance, taking on mainly iOS design and/or development projects. Prior to that I worked at Realmac Software.

During my time in the industry, I've been fortunate enough to work in different roles on a wide range of projects. Whilst the bulk of my client work is iOS-centric these days, it's not the only type of work I enjoy doing, as the posts here reflect.

Latest Posts

SQLite and iOS: Getting started with GRDB

Open Source Projects

Quantify the difference between two colors in Rust via the CIEDE2000 algorithm.
An image-based colour palette generator written in Rust.
A MetaWeblog API Server for Hugo.
Route specific middleware made easy in Iron.
Quickly generate a rectangle or oval with specific dimensions and positioning in Sketch.