Hi, I'm Elliot Jackson.

I build software for a living, taking on mostly iOS design and/or development projects and server-side contract work. I have a heavy preference towards strongly statically typed languages, specifically Swift and Rust, but I'm not unfamiliar with modern JavaScript or PHP (via Laravel).

I also write a fair amount of software for fun, the details of which you can read about here. Some of my favourites are an image-based colour palette generator, a MetaWeblog API server implementation for Hugo, and the performance experiment that runs this very website.

Latest Posts

SQLite and iOS: Advanced GRDB
20-12-2019A follow-on from “Getting Started with GRDB” that covers value observation, table relationships, and custom types.
SQLite and iOS: Getting started with GRDB
09-12-2019An introduction to SQLite databases on iOS, covering setup, migrations, and basic querying.
The UX of vague user input and educated guesses
13-12-2017Some thoughts on how the Echo’s reminder functionality could be improved.