Introducing iron-middlefiddle: Route specific middleware made easy in Iron

Route specific middleware is a fairly common need in web apps. As soon as you introduce something like authentication into the mix, you’ll probably want a way to apply middleware to routes you only want users to be able to access if they’re logged in.

As things stand, route specific middleware in Iron is a repetitive and messy business, which is where iron_middlefiddle comes in. It provides a macro which turns the tricky into the trivial, allowing you to add middleware to any number of routes within a Router easily.

let mut frontend_router = Router::new();

// Add some `frontend_router` routes and the middleware they should use:

middlefiddle! {
    router => frontend_router,
    routes => {
        lorem: get "/lorem" => controllers::lorem::index,
        ipsum: get "/ipsum" => controllers::ipsum::index,
        dolor: get "/dolor" => controllers::dolor::index,
    middleware => {
        Middleware::BeforeMiddleware => middleware::auth::TokenValidity,

// Add some more `frontend_router` routes that aren't going to need the middleware:

frontend_router.get("/amet", controllers::amet::index, "amet");

iron_middlefiddle is well documented and available on Naturally, you’ll find its source code in the repo on GitHub.