A post WWDC link roundup

As per usual, a lot of content got published in the hours following this year’s WWDC. Here’s a roundup of what I found particularly interesting:

I watched the keynote, read through Moren’s notes, Dieter Bohn’s post on The Verge and the Music page on Apple’s site. Despite what Bohn says 1, I’m still not entirely sure what Music wants to be though. This is what I’m most disappointed about, I had such high hopes. Overall then, I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Drang’s piece. More specifically, this portion:

But while the advantages of a multifunction device are obvious, the advantages of a multifunction app aren’t. The App Store’s success is largely based on tightly focused apps, not sprawling suites.

“[W]hat I did see was a mostly functional and mostly straightforward music streaming app.” ↩

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