Remove the default gradient background in ZBrush 4R7

I find the default background used in ZBrush distracting more than anything and much prefer a solid mid-grey one. If you’re planning on doing screen recordings, you’ll definitely want to change the default too to avoid major banding. Here’s how to go about doing so:

  1. Start by going to the Color menu and changing the main swatch to the colour you want your background to be. In my case, something about rgb(42, 42, 42).
The main colour menu
  1. Now go to the Document menu and click on Back to set the colour, then move the Range slider all the way down to 0 to remove the gradient.
Set the background and remove the gradient
  1. Once you’re happy with your background, click on Store Config under the Config tab in Preferences to make ZBrush remember your changes once you’ve quit the app.
Store your configuration

There you have it, happy modelling.