Deploy Middleman 4 to GitHub Pages

I moved my blog from Jekyll over to Middleman a couple of days ago, mainly because whilst early versions of Jekyll always worked well for me, it has become slow at recompiling after a change making customisation a less enjoyable process. Speaking of customisation, I’m not a fan of the gem-based system they moved to for themes in 3.0 either. Thus, enter Middleman.

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How to switch from rvm to rbenv

I have had a few issues with rvm recently, both when installing gems and activating them. After trying to reinstall the problematic gems, then a number of solutions the internet recommended, going as far as reinstalling the version of Ruby, I decided to try my luck with rbenv instead. If you too have come to this conclusion, then here’s how to make the switch. If you’re wondering what the benefits of switching might be, this document in the rbenv repo is for you.

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Better find and replace in Vim

Doing a document-wide find and replace in Vim looks like this:

:%s/find this/replace with this/g

Alternatively, we can drop the range of the find and replace from all lines to only the current one by removing the %:

:s/find this/replace with this/g
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Crutch: a response

Brian Lovin asked on his blog:

I feel stuck in this place where I want to work more because I enjoy what I do, while also recognizing that there may be negative consequences if unchecked:

  • overwork
  • burnout
  • creating unsustainable expectations
  • leaving companies every 1-2 years

I wonder whether it’s good to work more even if you want to, or whether it’s better to self-impose work restrictions in the hopes of building sustainability (perhaps with an opportunity cost of faster career growth?).


As Brian asked, I thought I’d write down some of my thoughts on this.

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Readership branding WIP

I spent this afternoon in Photoshop working on some branding ideas for Readership, the app I’m working on, as well as some dashboard mock-ups.

From the beginning I’ve imagined that Readership’s logo would include a boat of some description as it fits in well with the premise of the app. During my exploration however, a lighthouse came into the mix and stuck.

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