Thea » Quickstart

Thea is capable of a lot, but needs very little to Just Work™. I’ve put together a starter kit that, I hope, both covers some of the more common use-cases and gives a little insight into just how powerful Thea’s templating is (thanks to Tera).

Install Thea

The command below assumes you have Rust installed. If you’re new to the language, not to worry: Rust is 1-command-install.

$ cargo install thea

Clone the starter kit

$ git clone my_new_site
$ cd my_new_site

Start Thea

Thea will start on port 8765 by default. The --dev flag disables caching.

$ thea --dev

Make changes

Thea watches the content/ and templates/ folders and will refresh the HashMap if any changes are made.

Note: Changes in config/ require a server restart.

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