Matching, saving and replacing text with the regex crate

Work continued on flyingV, one of my side-projects, last week. An interesting challenge I came up against was to find all of the matches to a particular regex across multiple files. For each match, I needed to save a specific portion of it then replace a specific portion of it with a new string.

The following uses the regex crate and is written in Rust. Captures are a feature of the regex language, not the regex crate itself though so if you aren’t familiar with them, there should still be something in this post for you.

To business then. The pattern I was matching against was any tera for loop containing quotes. Here’s an example loop I’d want to match:

{% for page in "20*/**/*" %}

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Conditionals and regular expressions in Javascript

Regular expressions (regexes) are, at first, baffling to look at. What they lack in initial digestibility however, they make up for in power.

Before going any further with this post, let’s take a quick look at the structure of a regular expression in case you haven’t used one before.

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