Search through a full text index of your browsing history with Falcon

I have tried and failed to find a specific previously-visited page via Chrome’s history search an innumerable amount of times. There’ll be a certain piece of content that I remember and want to go back to, but Chrome’s history search only looks at the page title and URL. If I can’t remember either of those precisely enough then I’m left to either abandon the search or go digging by hand. Enter Falcon.

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Re: “Crutch”

Brian Lovin asked on his blog:

I feel stuck in this place where I want to work more because I enjoy what I do, while also recognizing that there may be negative consequences if unchecked:

  • overwork
  • burnout
  • creating unsustainable expectations
  • leaving companies every 1-2 years

I wonder whether it’s good to work more even if you want to, or whether it’s better to self-impose work restrictions in the hopes of building sustainability (perhaps with an opportunity cost of faster career growth?).


As Brian asked, I thought I’d write down some of my thoughts on this.

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