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4 December 2017

The scripts I use for blogging with Vim and Hugo

Nearly 4 months ago to the day I setup a publishing workflow for this site that allows me to create, update, and delete content via Google Drive. It’s a setup that has worked flawlessly for me.

In my quest to streamline the blogging process as much as possible, I also wrote a couple of scripts around the same time. The first to create a new post, the second to publish the post currently open in Vim. These too have worked very well, so let’s take a look at them.

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7 November 2017
9 August 2017

How to show the full post unless there’s a user defined summary in Hugo

Hugo has two types of summaries: those automatically defined by Hugo and those manually defined by the user. What it doesn’t have is a way to know which type of summary each post has; something like an {{ .IsUserDefined }} boolean.

On the home page of this site I like to show the full contents of a post by default. If a post has a manually defined summary however, I show that instead with a “read more” link.

Accomplishing this in Hugo is a little more involved than it is in Jekyll, and as far as I can tell nobody has documented how to do it. Let’s fix that.

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3 August 2017

Google Drive and Hugo: The new publishing setup for this blog

Back in April I wrote a post about moving this site from Jekyll to WordPress. The move was prompted by Jekyll’s poor compilation performance and the restrictions a git-centric workflow imposes on a blog (namely: editing on the go).

Ultimately unsatisfied with WordPress, I’ve changed how this site is pieced together again. This time ’round opting for a setup I’d had in the back of my mind for a while but had never experimented with. Before we get into the good stuff though, let’s get the basics out of the way.

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