Saka Key: Vim keybindings for Firefox 57

I set Firefox 57 — the new version with the overhauled browsing engine — as my default browser this morning, replacing Chrome.

The same 4 extensions are installed on every browser I use: Ghostery, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere and a fourth that provides Vim keybindings. In Chrome, that plugin has always been Vimium.

Vimium is available for Firefox, but it isn’t yet compatible with version 57. In fact, after looking around a little, most Vim keybinding plugins seem to be incompatible with version 57.

My search eventually led me to Saka Key, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s fast (not that that was ever a problem with Vimium), open source, configurable, well designed (that was a problem with Vimium), and supports the same bindings as Vimium1. It even has a Chrome version.

  1. Vimium’s bindings aren’t the default ones. To use them, go to “Add Ons” → “Saka Key” → “Preferences” and choose “vimium” from the dropdown next to the “Keybindings” heading. [return]
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