Using ripgrep and fzf instead of The Silver Searcher and CtrlP in Vim

Update 22/11/2016: I have gone back to CtrlP. If you would like to know how to set that up to use ripgrep, please see here.

I have been using The Silver Searcher and CtrlP with caching turned off for my file-opening needs and it’s a setup that has served me well. Turning off caching doesn’t drag down performance too much, however there is still a noticable speed decrease (as you might expect).

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Deploy Middleman 4 to GitHub Pages

I moved my blog from Jekyll over to Middleman a couple of days ago, mainly because whilst early versions of Jekyll always worked well for me, it has become slow at recompiling after a change making customisation a less enjoyable process. Speaking of customisation, I’m not a fan of the gem-based system they moved to for themes in 3.0 either. Thus, enter Middleman.

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