A Guide to Optimising Photoshop Performance

Many of us have a love hate relationship with Photoshop. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that helps us get stuff done, it is however also undeniably temperamental. At times it can slow down or become unresponsive.

So today I’m going to try and help you optimise Photoshop based on your needs. Taking the time to tweak a few performance settings based on your workflow can make a massive difference.

As a UI designer, I work almost exclusively with files that have dozens and dozens of layers but are fairly small in size. I’ll show you how I personally have my performance options set as well as giving a few tips for those of you who work more with large documents and photography.

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300,000×300,000 pixel Photoshop files

Those are, apparently, the dimensions a PSB file maxes out at. Out of curiosity, I tried creating a new document at those dimensions and despite having 36.91GB of free space I got the following warning:

OS X's “Your startup disk is almost full” warning dialog

@JonJungemann tried with 900GB of free space and got the same warning.

If anyone out there has more than 900GB worth of scratch disk space available, I’d love to know 1 how much is needed to create a file at those dimensions.

Update: @ckenney108 set a Drobo with 16.75TB of free space as a scratch disk and managed to create the file. It takes up 360GB of scratch space and 4.22GB on disk. I’m not sure why 900GB wasn’t sufficient to create it.

The Get Info pane of the PSB file

  1. My email address is elliot [underscore] jackson [at] me [dot] com. 

How to Export SVGs from Photoshop

Since the release of version 14.2 in January, Photoshop CC has had the ability to export SVGs with Adobe Generator. Whilst the developers still consider this to be an experimental feature, I have been using it for a while without any major issues.

To enable SVG exporting, we will need to create a configuration file for Generator.

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